A Square D job descriptions


Elected Positions


President: This individual is in charge of the Association. He/She provides the direction for the Association. Calls all meetings, appoints committees, plans and executes budget. Has signatory authority on all General Fund, special accounts, and voucher approval.


Vice President: Assists the President when required, provides advice to one or more Districts, maintains the visitation calendar and other duties as assigned.


Secretary: Keeps a book of minutes of all Board of Directorsí meetings as well as all General committee meetings and publishes same to the appropriate parties. Sends out Association notices, prepares and mails official Association correspondence.


Treasurer: Maintains the Associationís financial records. Prepares and presents monthly financial reports, authorized to sign all General Account checks.


Senior Director: Acts as advisor to at least two (2) districts and attends their meetings. Hold District meetings in the absence of the District Director.


District Director: Holds monthly meetings of such clubs as are assigned to Him/Her by the Association. Provides current Association information, in return clubs provide the Director with a status of their club(s). Plans and executes an annual class level dance in their assigned districts.


Appointed Positions


Presidential Aide: Assists the President as needed. Maintains two (2) sets of identical Presidentís books for records of the year.


Parliamentarian: Advises the President on procedural matters.


Membership Chairman: Interfaces with prospective member clubs by providing all documentation deemed necessary and appropriate. Reviews their membership application for completeness. Provides the necessary information for coverage under the tax exempt ďumbrellaĒ of the Association.


Finance Chairman: Reviews the financial records of all Association dances and events that receive income and pay expenses. Conducts an audit of said records.


Insurance Chairman: Provides monthly status reports on the Associationís insurance programs. Prepares and presents to the Districts all the necessary information and forms regarding the Insurance programs. Ensures that clubs pay their dues.


Historian: Maintains the Associationís history books by collecting relevant pictures, data, and details of events  and incorporating same into said books.


Publicity/Promotions Chairman:  Plans, writes, and distributes Association publicity release and flyers. Coordinates activities of District publicity and gives direction and aid to their efforts.


High Fliers Chairman: Plans, coordinates, and executes trips to the annual National Square Dance Convention. Attends the pre-conventions in order to check out area hotels, local tour companies, restaurant recommendations. Calculates all costs in order to determine anticipated costs to participants. Develops flyers, as well as adjunctive materiel.


Supplies Chairman: Maintains the various supplies in order to meet the needs of the member clubs and all associated personnel.


Grapevine Editor: Assembles and publishes the Associationís quarterly Newsletter.


Photographer: Records various A Square D events and functions photographically. Photos to be used for promotions, publications, A Square D History books, etc.


IRS Coordinator: Provides the interface between the Associationís member clubs and the IRS, as well as the Franchise Tax Board.


Host and Hostess (Outside): greets people at all Association functions. Makes and maintains the sign in sheets at the various functions.


Host and Hostess (Inside): Responsible for all kitchen activities before and after all Association functions.


Facilities Chairman: Assists in the planning of the various Association activities. Determines which facilities are available and deemed adequate for a given event.


Caller/Cuer Chairman: Maintains caller/Cuer lists of previous engagements and their fees. Executes contracts with callers/cuers.


Webmaster: Develops and maintains the Associationís internet presence.